Dr. Arnold Kavaarpuo

Dr. Arnold Kavaarpuo is a published author, keynote speaker and award-winning business executive with nearly 2 decades of experience covering strategic, tactical and operational delivery in banking, insurance and FinTech.


Arnold is currently the CEO of StacAi – an asset-lite, omni-channel financial infrastructure on a mission to drive down the high cost to assets ratios in the delivery of financial services in Africa. Prior to this, Arnold served as a Managing Director at Kuda Technologies UK and was a founding team at Jumo where he led the development and commercialization of mobile loans in Ghana.


He has also served on various governance roles including being the board chair of a publicly traded mutual fund regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana and served on the board of a Mastercard and Bill and Melinda Gates funded project to respond to the divide between available data and the ability of financial services providers, policy makers and financial intermediaries to collect, make sense of and embed this data in their decision making.

Arnold is most excited in driving game-changing financial services with a focus on exploring the nexus between edge technologies and financial products. Arnold holds a BA in Geography and Rural Development, a Master’s in Business Research, an MBA in Global Business, and a Doctorate in Business Administration.