I am a technology entrepreneur who loves to develop and invest in businesses that use technology to solve everyday problems in emerging markets and deliver impact at scale. 

With an education in Information Systems Engineering, I have extensive experience in developing and implementing solutions aimed at making technology locally relevant. 

The African start up scene keeps me busy with investments in a number of start-ups across various fields such as fintech, identity, land documentation and internet delivery, light core banking, group savings, record keeping for MSMEs and unsecured lending. 

My current focus is People’s Pension, utilising technology to make pensions and other financial services available to informal workers in order to build resilient livelihoods that will allow people to live in dignity now and in their old age.

People’s Pension was launched in 2016 to provide informal sector workers with the opportunity to save towards old age retirement. 90% of Sub-Saharan Africans work in the informal sector with no access to or provision of pensions and the vast majority of the population has to work until they die or grow old with income insecurity. 

We seek to provide a very flexible voluntary pension scheme for these workers to contribute to on a daily, weekly on monthly basis, utilising technology to service and reach this huge but highly active informal sector. Our product provides pensions, savings, insurance and upskilling.In 2021, we won the Women’s World Banking Global Innovation Award.